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the deficit as well, but it puts people to work: this is important work for all americans. lit's remember, this touches every single american in a very positive way. some of the keys i'd lieblg to em fa sies in this bim,en hansed crop insurance. i've heard from across my state that farmers and rampblers wanten hanszed com snurnsz. that's absolute lip a priority. we need to continue the sugar program, the livestock indemnity program for our producers. we need conservation rules that make sense in the house vergsz, you do tie >> i think that is the right approach, and, obviously, under the current program if enroll in the program, you are also tied to the compliance requirements. we need strong support for ag research. for all of you that live and work in farm country, look what ag research has done for genetics and production. it's unbelievable talking about productivity. we have to support the programs. the senator was nice enough to mention the work done on a bipartisan basis. she's been an absolute leader in the conservation programs, particularly rural water management. the regional co
. that both re-energizes our economy and deals with the long-term deficit problems that we will have to confront. the c.b.c. budget that has been discussed here on the floor of the house of representatives we believe provides insight into the type of things that should be considered by the negotiators in the house and the senate as they move forward. i would note paraphernalia thetically that -- partner thetically that -- partner thetically that though the conference committee is just at the early stages at this point in time, this process really should have occurred months and months ago. this house passed its budget in. the senate passed its budget shortly -- in march. the senate passed its budget shortly therefore. and democrats in the house and the senate have been calling for the appointment of conferees since the early spring. but for some reason there was a refusal amongst our friends on the other side of the aisle to move forward, but we're thankful that at this point there's an agreement finally to sit down. the american people have demanded that we attempt to find common gr
run a budget deficit under $1 trillion. the treasury says the 2013 deficit is $680 billion. that is 51% less than the record $1.4 trillion deficit of 2009. still, this year's is the fifth-largest deficit ever. >>> and on this halloween morning, some good news for those who still might need a little bit of time to buy some candy for all of those trick-or-treaters coming to your door. the government says candy and chewing gum prices are nearly 2.5% lower this year compared to a year ago. so, no excuse not to have some goodies now. >>> a facebook executive is admitting the social network is seeing a popularity drop among a key demographic. the admission yesterday after the company reported strong earnings. the executive said facebook's daily use among young teenagers is down. that sent its shares into a tailspin in after-hours trading. >>> mcdonald's teaming up with kraft foods. they're joining forces to test mccafe coffees in the grocery stores and other retail locations in several cities next year. whole bean and ground coffee as well as single-cup options will be offered. >>> all right
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to address the driver of our debt and deficit. we have to don't reduce our deficits which we've cut in half over the last four years. if we don't, interest intense is a very real threat for crowding out both public and private investment in education r&d and infrastructure. over the last three years we've made real strides in reducing our deficit. we saved more than $12.5 billion. that's been unbalanced. about 70% has been from spending cut. 30% from revenue. we need to do more but we have do it, i believe, in a balanced way. we've heard from senators about the need to modernize the tax code and move toward real tax reform. while the committee can't get it done. we can move in that direction in a substantial way. making a modest cut of only 5% of the trillion dollars a year we spend through the tax code would make huge dent in the deficit. lastly, we have to don't make some reduction in direct spending. although i know that's the area taken the hardest hit. i'll insist on doing in a way that put a circle of production around around the most vulnerable and honoring our promises to seniors, v
: i think that the assumption that we were going to reach some grand bargain, a large deficit reduction package over the next 10 years, i think it's clear that the expectations for that have been lowered dramatically. >> host: why? >> guest: because the differences between the house ft and senate are very, very dramatic. almost like we're on different planets even though in the same universe. of theferences in terms house position, in terms of the resolution they passed back in the spring which had no tax increases, no revenue increases, assumed the repeal of the affordable care act, capped block grant at medicaid program antithesis to the senate position. position, budget resolution they passed, senate had about a trillion dollars, $890 billion over thehe next 10 years and, increased in revenues. the differences are so great i think it is probably very unlikely there will be any kind of an agreement to raise revenues because it could not pass in the house of representatives. >> host: sir, does that doom this effort toof failure at outset? >> guest: no, no. i think i?f people
and millions of jobs as our trade deficit continues to get worse. this is particularly disturbing, this proposal for a new trade deal, because if you look at the results of the first obama administration trade deal, the korean deal, you'll see the proof is in the pudding that things didn't get better, they actually got worse. we were told with the korean free trade deal, that america would create 70,000 jobs here at home. guess what? the fact is in reality with the korean free trade deal, america's lost another 40,000 jobs as a result of that agreement alone. that's about 4,000 jobs lost each month with -- because of the korean free trade deal. we were promised with the korean deal that our economy would grow through increased exports by $10 billion to $11 billion. well, guess what? in reality u.s. exports to korea have actually declined by roughly 800 million since the agreement took effect. yes, that's a 20% decline. that translates into lost jobs and lost income. america was told if we signed the korean trade agreement that actually our trade deficit would shrink. well, guess w
grand bargain, a large deficit package over the next 10 years, i think it's clear the expectations for that happened lowered dramatically. host:why? guest: the differences between the house and senate are dramatic. it is like we are on different planets even though we are in the same universe for it the difference on the house position in terms of the resolution they passed back in the spring which had no tax increases, no revenue increases, assumed to the repeal of the affordable care act. it is the antithesis to the senate position. thesenate budge was resolution they passed. they had increased references -- revenues and a differences are so great it is unlikely there will be any kind of agreement to raise revenues because it could not pass in the house of representatives. host: does that doom this effort to failure? guest: now, if people had expectations that this would be a large deficit reduction package achieved by the hope for a deadline of december 13, i think that is off the table. i think there is a real possibility, not of a grand bargain, but of a bargain that will be g
. >> reporter: yes, indeed, there is, del zotto. the deficit, the nation's deficit has dropped to $680 billion that's the first time it's dipped below a trillion in about five years. that is very good news. the president to talk to talk up the advantages for foreign inning investors and are going to be using 32 trade missions around the world to try to get foreign investments in the u.s. already many foreigners do put dollars here. some billions of dollars in the past several years. equaling millions of jobs for americans and they want more of that. >> so, randall, what is happening today at this summit? >> reporter: we have heard from a number of ceos of major businesses, for example, bill simon of wal-mart, we have also heard from the head of dow chemical, they are here saying that america is a favorable environment for any foreign inning invest. they are talking about the low interest rates that the u.s. has. the low cost, relative low costs of energy and transportation costs. the one weakness that has been pointed out, is that america needs to do a better job training americans for the job
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too much. about two-thirds said raising taxes to cut the deficit was a nonstarter. and compared to obamacare, which more voters actually said they wanted to repeal, these levels of support are striking. so if our friends on the other side want to keep trying to claim an electoral mandate for maintaining obamacare contradicted by the facts as that phaoeurbgs while using their own logic we had to call the mandate for reducing the size of government a super mandate. that's why their new plan to undo the cuts the president campaigned on and increase the debt is so outrageous. we hear that the senior senator from new york will soon announce a proposal to give the permanent -- give the president permanent power to borrow more. in other words, he wants to extend the debt ceiling permanently by going around congress. let me repeat that. the so-called schumer-obama plan is a plan to permanently hand the president a credit card without spending limits and without lifting a finger to address the national debt. truly outrageous, especially when you consider that our debt is now $17 trillion
create jobs, reduce our bunt deficit, including -- budget deficit, including a pathway to citizenship, unite families, it would help reflect values as americans in our immigration laws, grow the economy, create jobs for americans here at home. and finally get real about enforcing our immigration laws. do you realize, mr. speaker, there are over 10 million people in this country illegally? when are we going to get serious about enforcing our laws and not making a mockery of them? this nation is a nation based on the rule of law. h.r. 15 reflects that commitment as does the senate immigration bill. it's time that we fix our broken immigration system rather than go home on a wednesday and meet for 19 days in a 63-day period. this is a bipartisan bill. h.r. 15. we have been joined by several republicans representative denham, representative ros-lehtinen. we encourage my colleagues, i certainly invite my friend and colleague from texas to join us as a co-sponsor of this bill that will allow us to create enforcement, a pathway to citizenship, grow jobs, and finally resolve our broken immigr
forward. >> does some of the conversation change as well, josh, because the nation's deficit has been cut in half since the president took office. we just got word that the nation's deficit is below $1 trillion for the first time in five years. does that in any way change the conversation? >> i think it does. the congressional budget office says that debt as a share of gdp will be flat for the next decade. why would we have a grand bargain? there's no need for a further deficit reduction. republicans don't want the tax increase. democrats don't want entitlement cut asks why would they get together to reduce the deficit? the one thing that's motivating toward a grand bargain is that democrats dislike the sequestration cuts and would like to unwind them, but i don't think they can reach a deal to unwind very much of them because they would have to -- in order to offset them they would have to raise taxes or cut entitlements and people if they hate the sequester, they don't hate the sequester to cut the entitlements. you might sell off federal-owned timberlands and raise fees and you wouldn'
the street. overall, our budget, we are in our fifth year of major budget deficits. i have been chair of the budget committee for the past couple of years. i am still involved in budget issues. i want to make sure i can be helpful to my colleagues who are grappling with our huge deficit. it is inevitable that we are going to make painful cuts, so how do we do it in a way that will minimize the impact to every day san franciscans, how can we keep our parks in good conditions? how do we maintain our safety net for public health services, public security services, public safety? all these are critical decision that need to be made. the pension question is something that comes up. the cost of our pension liability will cost the city, especially because of our investments in the market have come down since 2008. we are spending more of our general fund to pay our pension costs. that is a big challenge. it is a long-term problem, but it also has short-term implications. we know right away we are not going to have the enough money as we need to cover our services and pension costs as well. i
's "wall street journal" notes that any impetus for a bold deficit reduction deal was stifled within hours of the budget meetingors' initial yesterday when the administration announced that the paper.hat is today's we're talking with our viewers and callers about the hearings yesterday. anceleen sebelius' appear before the house energy and commerce committee, and her statement was i am responsible. she said i am responsible for the problems with the rollout of the health-care law. we will go to bob now from philadelphia, pennsylvania on our line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i want is a health fair and balanced you guys are. i was watching "charlie rose" on cbs, and they were talking about obamacare and sebelius being questioned. they never mentioned if she would ask if she would enroll in obamacare, but you did this morning and you mentioned that, and i just want to congratulate you for being fair. thepe the realize -- i hope viewers realize how biased they are. my policy was quincy -- was canceled. when people call in, when you asked them, if they had their policy
the deficit. that is one of the biggest whoppers among a bunch of lies, but the biggest whopper is president obama saying it would reduce the deficit. i think it will add trillions to the deficit. >> we have been following it. remember, they said it would be so easy to use. premiums would decrease. we know that is not true either. you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. it will only be $900 billion. tell me if i'm wrong in my analysis, senator. i see that the president pretty much had three options. once, this was the holy grail for the left for a long time. progressives have wanted this for a long time. but if they knew the truth about the effects, that it wouldn't garner enough votes in congress. so they had three choices, the first was to tell the truth and push for the program anyway, the second was to change the program and address the concerns, and the third would be to lie. >> i think as disengene disinge nicer way of saying a lie, they say if you're going to lose your insurance, you lose your plan. he said no, if you have your doctor, you have your ins
chinese hospital and uc san francisco. we've worked together to fix our that deficit with reform and 5 years planning all of which has maintained our strong bond rating and this summer we're going to tangle our health care obligation. well, it's bogging because of our layers focus on the infrastructure of our economy that that has allowed us to become the faster growing state not new york or los angeles but we cannot have done that without the san francisco chamber of commerce and without our business community that has vifrtd in our city in helping me create those jobs everyday. so, now this is not the time to rest in our success. i think it's time that we double down on our success by focusing and tackling with more vigor and more resolve by looking over that horizon to see what else we should be doing. this is not a buckle ladies and gentlemen. that first city college we're going to save city he college period no, ifs or maybe so it's too important to give up open our students or training of our workforce in the future. it's the fit and second the affordable care act is important. w
: they announced a crisis. $30 million deficit. >> every year, we scramble to come up with funds. >> every year, they raise fares and freeze salaries. he would be asked to move money around. initially, you went alon with it, why? >> it was a sad story. the caltrain is in the red. okay, we are saving for a rainy day, but it's not raining. >> reporter: he was told to reverse journal entries. consultant and management coaches come out of the proper account. he was told to go in and reverse the payments so they came from an insurance account. it was a way to hide how much was being paid. >> why? why are we doing it? it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: through a public records we asked them to review it. they called it errors. >> honest mistakes happen every year. >> reporter: it happened many times over many years. people who did the accounting entries say it is fraud. how do you respond to that? >> over many years we have gotten awards every year for accounting practices. >> reporter: mike spoke to us. why would you pay consultants and management coaches out of an insurance fund. >> i didn't know
if you qualify for a federal subsidy. >> the federal budget deficit has fallen below 1 trillion dollars for the first time in 5 years, it dropped to 680 billion dollars, both the obama administration and republicans are citing their own cost cutting efforts for the dip in the deficit but economists point to several reasons including a growing economy and higher taxes on wealthy americans. >>> millions of people who use food stamps will see a cut in benefits tomorrow, the agriculture department says the payment for a family of 4 will shrink by 36 dollars a month, that is because a temporary boost from the stimulus bill is expiring. more than 47 million americans receive food stamps. >> time is 5:17, the fda says almost 7% of imported spices were contaminated with salmonella, the fda says more than 80 different types of salmonella were found during a three year period. it also says imported spices were twice as likely as other inspected foods to be contaminated. >> 5:17 is the time, we have sal back this morning. >> welcome back. >> thank you, dave, pam, you know it is good to be back her
something about deficits, and we heard repeatedly from, you know, sen trysts and moderate republicans that the republican party's too in hoc to the antitax pledge getting in the way of maybe a grand bargain that the president would like to see with entitlements, tax revenues to deal with the long term debt issues, and it really has put a monkey wrench into the works here which is what groverments to do. the caller refers to this that he wants to decrease the size of government so it becomes so small you can drown it in the bathtub. i don't know if he wants to drawn people receiving student loans, who are receiving, you know, medicare or who are beneficiaries of cancer research. people are getting food stamps, kids in head start, are they all in the bathtub to be drowned too? it's a glib phrase, but as we learn recently when they shut down, and as we see repeatedly, you know, there's a lot of people in america who benefit and depends upon government services, and the idea of making it smaller for the sake of making it smaller, you know, appeals, i think, to folks who may have been in t
differences. it's not only a farm bill, it's a trade bill, it's a hunger bill, a conservation bill, deficit reduction bill, it's also a job creation bill. we passed a bipartisan bill twice in the senate. we had the republicans and democrats. we each had to give some but we did it. we assured a farm bill that supports nation farmers, rural communities, alleviates hunger, reforms commodity programs, ends trade destroying policy, creates jobs and saves taxpayers $24 billion. not bad. on dairy, farmers across the country support a margin insurance program. one that has to work in tandem with the market stabilization program. i hear this from the kitchen tables to the high school gymnasiums in the farm areas, agriculture areas in my state. we've done that in the senate bill. farmers remember the dairy crisis of 2009. they know the insurance program alone is not enough. if we don't have stabilization, we're going to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of additional dollars, virtually guarantee another dairy crisis, will put people out of business. so there's a number of other things, which i'll p
, it's a trade bill, a hunger bill, a conservation bill, a reform bill, innovation bill, deficit reduction bill. it's also a job creation bill. we passed a bipartisan bill twice in the senate. we had -- republicans and democrats, we each had to give some, and we did it. it reforms commodity programs, ends trade distorting policy, creates jobs and saves taxpayers $24 billion. not bad. and on dairy, farmers across the country support an insurance program, but one that has to work in tandem with the mark stabilization program. i hear this from the kitchen tables to the high school gymnasiums in my -- in the farm areas, agriculture areas of my state. we've done that in the senate bill. farmers remember the dairy crisis of 2009. they know an insurance program alone is not enough. if we don't have stabilization, we're going to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of additional dollars and virtually guarantee another dairy price and put people out of business. so there's a number of other things which i will put in the record. we have to have strong nutrition programs. i think of people
and was enormously expensive and caused the deep deficit climb we had from the bush administration into the obama administration? but look where it is today. the affordable care act has reformed it and made it work. it was enormously expensive. it didn't work but we've made it work. on this issue of the deficit, mixing apples and oranges we have a $4 trillion economy. and the united states is not broke.of course, we need to deal with this. the act is paid for. the republicans during the shutdown wanted to undermine the pay for by dismantling the medical device issue because they don't want to ethis legislation pass. they want to see it fail, not pass, you can seed. there are millions of americans that will get health care. the president did not misrepresent. you will keep your health insurance. and you'll have the ability to get a more refined, a more updated, a more current and more expansive for you and your family. i'm here to save lives, not here to frighten people. i know the stories and i know that women, children families -- >> sheila jackson lee, he gave congress woman jackson lee, i'm go
calendar year. livermore, in six months, only had 2.08 inch of rainfall. napa, 3.21. we're at a deficit of anywhere from 10 to 15 inches. yes, it is a very dry october. trace amounts to .05 an inch. keep in mind, we pick up the heaviest rain for the bay throughout january and also into march. so there is still hope in that forecast. and right now, we're not doing too bad when you look at things overall. fir from about 20% to 72% of normal. it's certainly he something that is in the back of our minds as we continue to track this weather pattern for the next upcoming week. any kind of rain drops will definitely help the situation out. >> okay. thank you, jeff. >>> murder case moving forward. six months after an off-duty paramedic was shot to death in the oakland hill, a judge has ruled at least one teenager will stand trial for the killing. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from oakland with today's developments. it's a very emotional case. >> reporter: especially for liz boyer, quinn boyer's widow. meanwhile, one homicide detective was the only person to take the stand here on the seco
grow the economy and deficits are falling fast on his watch. >> remember our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years so that gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking sticking it to young people or undermining our bedrock retirement and health security programs or cutting basic research that helps us grow. >> house and senate budget negotiators hope to strike a deal that would avert a new round of automatic cuts set to hit the pentagon and domestic programs. >> a concord food bank is look to add security after thieves target add building that's under construction. police say someone stole $18,000 in building supplies and tools from the new monument crisis center on market street tuesday night. the project's foreman said workers are forced to share tools which could delay the scheduled opening set for late december. >> it was heartbreaking. we come into work and the doors are open. all of my personal stuff was gone, like literally every tool i owned was gone. you don't think you are going to get
have a trillion dollar deficits. >> and it doesn't look like the republicans are helping us any, so will he write a book for them? >> well, let me say something about that. i think the republicans, you know, there are people all across the spectrum in both parties, but i was asked, i was speaking about my other book, known and unknown, at fort leavenworth, the military base, not the prison -- [laughter] and there were 1490 majors from mostly our country but from around the world to this big school there. and someone asked me, what's the biggest problem i worry about when i go to bed at night. and the answer was, american weakness. why do i say that? i think the signal that's being sent out from this country is basically we are modeling american economy in europe, and it's a failed model. it doesn't work. there's no way you can have a deficits we have and the debt we are incurring without sending out a signal to the world that this country is not going to be what it was in the past. ..
as the city wrestles with a multimillion-dollar deficit. >>james: the birthplace of apple has been given a historic designation. the grand style los altos home where steve jobs started apple has been declared a " historic resource. " while not architecturally significant, the 61 year-old house has become a cultural icon. this sort resource designation as the leader of protection against a dramatic feature renovations to the property. member robyn checking your ride into san francisco still busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. not bad. no problems or crashes but it the lights are on. your ride across the san mateo bridge is crowded and the westbound direction. that's the right hand side of your screen. that is normal and expected for this time of mourning and so if this is your commute direction you should allow yourself an extra time. and a quick check on your ride across the golden gate bridge. now to the weather center. here is your coverage >>erica: good morning robin. it was very windy last night. we were all in the same boat. the news is that when has definitely die down this morning
cerraduras, ni las alrmas detienen a los amigos de lo ajeno... ---la policia de san jose poseee un deficit de oficiales por los que solo atienden los llamados de alarma a viviendas que sean corroborado s... ---los vecinos se estan uniendo para prevenir los robos a viviendas. cesar --- tiempo de la primera pausa comercial en noticieor telemundo 48 pero al regresar... take vo cesar --- enterese porque razon el precio de la leche se podria disparar hasta 8 dolares el galon... take vo blanca --- autoridades anuncian la captura de 2 sospechosos de asesinar a un hombre hispano que acudio a comprar un telefono celular que vio en oferta en "craig'slist". take vo cesar --- en mexico la violencia no se detiene, grupos armados atacan en simultaneo en diferentes puntos de michoacan... take vo blanca --- cuenta regresiva para el concurso que reune a las mujeres mas hermosas de todo el mundo y hoy le presentamos a una de las representant es hispanas... end blanca ---los refrescos y iban empatados y mi princesa le cambia a su programa. ¿y el de papá? baja nfl mobile. recibe los partidos de las noches de j
did not have a deficit problem the -- but that .e had a revenue problem on the floor yesterday he said the american people want to pay more taxes. i am sorry, sir, i do not want to pay more taxes, i barely make it as it is. in youw is your last day guys are taking a vacation again for another 10 days and i would like to know why, when there are so many things that have to be done in congress? guest: well, there is a schedule. as you know, we were supposed to be off two weeks ago when we had the travesty of trying to get the government act opening and. when people say vacation, i know i will be in my district working every day. most congressmen will be doing the same thing, regardless of which side of the aisle. this is not a vacation. people think that if we are not in washington we do not do anything. people have to speak for themselves, i can assure you that is not my cup of tea. your second question about harry reid, there is a problem in terms of revenue. there is a problem that we have in the deficit area the commitment to his cut the deficit in half, which is very good, we are go
was trying out for the team. jennings had a good day on his day. cut the deficit to 21-0. jennings totaled 200-yard rushing. rookie zack hertz all by himself to haul in that pass. and we'll say local, the rout was on. there was still more to come. it's folse to cooper for the
of women, it is projected that comprehensive immigration reform will reduce the deficit by $1 trillion over 10 years. i know that my neighbors care about women's rights and care about keeping families together. that's why we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform now. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back the balance of her time. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from florida rise? ms. ros-lehtinen: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, madam speaker. i'm pleased to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the congressional hispanic leadership institute known as chili. through his vision and leadership, former congressman lincoln diaz-balart, has guided chli while preparing young hispanics to become the leaders of tomorrow. chli's programs and initiatives focus on a wide variety of issues, from public service to commerce and technology. this month i spoke at chli's trade, an interna
of the aspects of the law because, in part, it added hundreds of billions to the deficit and was president paid for unlike the affordable care act, which will actually help lower the deficit. [cheers and applause] >> but you know what? once it was the law everybody pitched in to try to make it work. democrats weren't about to punish millions of seniors to make a point or settle a score. democrats worked with republicans to make it work. and i'm proud of democrats having done that. it was the right thing to do. , about 90% of seniors like what they have. they've gotten a better deal. both parties working together to get the job done. that's what we need in washington right now. that's what we need in washington right now. [cheers and applause] >> you know, republicans in congress were as eager to help americans get covered, some republican governors have shown themselves to be, -- i'm not asking them to agree on everything, but if they worked with us like mitt romney did working with democrats in massachusetts or like ted kennedy often did with republicans did in congress including on the prescr
that it would explode the deficit and yet the reputable organizations like the budget office says it's going to save 100 billion dollars over ten years. so we've had a litany of objections from the republicans about the affordable care act which has driven this to such a frenzy, they even closed the government. so, now, we have you before the committee and you're being asked, i suppose later you'll be asked about the website, but let me pursue this question about individuals have gotten notices that they're going to have their individual insurance policies canceled and they'll be able to get another plan, won't they? >> actually, it's the law that they must get another plan. continuous coverage is part of the law. >> so-- >> and that wasn't the case in the past. >> and the affordable care act, we are going to end the worst abuses of insurance companies. we're going to create consumer protections in the marketplace that they will be able to buy a policy even if they've been sick in the past, that women won't be charged more than men, that we're not going to let insurance companies deny covera
by aa and the oil price information service. and alaska, the state's deficit is going in the wrong direction. oil income has been on a steady decline over the last three years and adding to that, north slope oil production has also been declining. current projections show alaska's state budget deficit for this fiscal year going to be in the neighborhood of $1 billion. and google's mystery solved, turns out the mysterious barge is a marketing tool to promote google glass, another high-tech gadget. the bars will feature a party deck on the top. no photos have been released yet, but kpix-tv station reporting that the co-founder of the company has been overseeing the entire project. take a look at the stock, it's down more than $2. party on. $4 and change right now -- $24 and change right now. dennis? dennis: and the runners were out in full force for the 43rd new york city marathon after it was canceled last year because of superstorm sandy. a record firm of runners hit the pavement for this year's race. the men's and women's title runners both hailing from kenya, each taking home $10
seconds remaining, lebron james cut the deficit to one, scoring a game-hif 26. the rally ended there. the nets won, striking the first blow in the first installment of the nets-heat rivalry. >> devan durand and the city thunder taking on the minnesota timber wolves. it could be an all star performance. 10 assists and 14 points. minnesota's valuable player is kevin love, posting a double, double with 24 points and 14 rebounds. the timberwolves looking to snap a drought held durand to 14 points. >> on the ice - colorado avalanche semon varlamov was back between the pipes, two days after he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and third degree assault after allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the chest. he was given permission by a denver judge to travel with the colarado avalanche, he was not spected to start. but his coach said despite his arrest, if he is available to play, he'll reply. semon varlamov stopped 27 of 29 chucks that he faced. he'll meet with the media after tonight's game for the first time. >> college football. two unbeaten top 1014 teems play the game of the weeken
in tax height to reduce the deficit. >> several thousand people here in north-west france. they are furious about the ecotax that the president, president francis hollande wants to introduce. he's already backtracked slightly. he says he'll suspend it. for more talks, but the people here want it scrapped altogether. they say it will jeopardise their livelihoods. brittany has been hit hard by factory clornals. mainly in the food processing business. they say they are being undercut for cheap labour. they are angry about germany, who they say is undercutting them. the economy generally has taken a knock recently and the focus of the protest has been on the ecotax. a week ago there were violent clashes with the police, rubber bullets were fired, tear gas was fired. protesters hurled missiles. there were several injuries. a couple of days later francis hollande backtracked and suspended the tax. protesters feel they have the initiative, they want him to go further. they promised more state aid. they are still not happy and speeches made here before a big march are voicing that
and research. he said a budget shouldn't be cut just for the sake of cutting. >> remember our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years. that gives us room to fix our long term debt problems without sticking it to young people or undermining our bedrock retirement and health security programs. >> house and senate budget negotiators want to divert a new round of cuts. >>> if you want to go online to check on the affordable health care plans tonight you're out of luck. the health insurance website is off line until tomorrow morning. a technology team will be working on >>> there is no reason for wine lovers to panic. there were 300 million cases last year. down 5% from the year before. it's the lowest level since the 1960s. one of the main reasons for the drop is a global consumer shift. >> in the big, old european wine producing countries, france, italy, spain, consumption has been plummeting. but to counter balance that in the united states and in china, wine is season as desirable and very hip. >> production in france and ar
the deficit to 21-0. jennings totaled 200-yard rushing. rookie zack hertz all by himself to haul in that pass. and we'll say local, the rout was on. there was still more to come. it's folse to cooper for the third time. folk ties a record with seven passes. the raiders fall to 3-5 on the wrong end of a 49-20 score. fair to say the raiders thought they were headed in the right direction and as fred inglis reports. no one saw a rout like this coming. >> reporter: they were ranked in the top 10 in the nfl. but all of a sudden chip kelly's eagles turned into chip kelly's oregon ducks and the last thing oakland thought they would ever see is nick folse throwing seven touchdowns in this game >> i don't think nick has ever seen anything that would give him the indication that he would throw for seven touchdowns this week. what we did today was open ourselves up for those attacks. >>> it was embarrassing for us to, allow the team to score 48 points for us. it's almost like our backs are against the wall but we're not going to look at it that way. >> it's defense. we didn't do what the defense needed
and keeping the defense off the field. and then everything fell apart in the 14-point deficit, getting the attention of the broncos. the defense forced five redskin turnovers while the offense scored 38 unanswered points to win big, 45-21. of course the scare with robert griffin iii, we'll have more on his injuries coming up later. here he is addressing the offensive problems later on in the game. >> we had guys open and we couldn't make the play. and times when they needed to have those tough throws to make that there either. and like i said, that's when they said it will be coming to being better and we need to be better as a group. >> like i said, there's a lot of missed opportunities. if you'll be beating denver on the road, you'll have to play one of your better games. >> now, for the rest of the nfc east, you can see them stun the dallas cowboys. marching down the field for 80 yards under a minute. he'll be coming up big today, 329 yards, setting up that game winning touchdown by matthew stafford, just 12 seconds left as the lions will be winning 31- 30. >>> here is a victory to
for her cant december as apoiopposed to sena mike enzi, and also deficits. he's been critical of the obama administration when it comes to deficits and the national debt. but i pointed out that deficits and the national debt went up when bush and cheney were in office, and a lot people say the national debt is the size it is today because of many items from the bush/cheney years such as the bush/cheney tax cuts, the medicare prescription drug benefit and iraq and afghanistan. those wars not being quote/unquote paid for. i did ask him about that as well. >> we'll look for the interview, jake tapper thank you very much. the interview with former vice president at the top of the hour on "the lead." coming up next here, a major announcement from penn state university today. the school has agreed to sett settlements with vict26 victims the former assistant football coach, jerry sandusky. how much the school will be paying. >> plus, dangerous pirates, crews on secret tankers, and britney spears? you heard me right. you will not believe how all three are indeed connected. so you can feel free to
's health. the fourth issue she brought up was the deficit and aca may contribute. guest: the cbo scored that it would actually decrease the deficit. this law, if anything, reduces the deficit or is budget neutral. one of the ideas behind the law is we are going to bring health- care cost under control. we have seen the increase of health care costs start to decline, which is a good sign. that is a huge issue. unless we can stop premiums and costs generally from going up, five percent, 6%, seven percent, every year, we will have spiraling costs. >> do you think social security -- host: aaron smith, do you think social security will be around by the time you get to a retirement age? guest: i am hopeful. i think it will be. it is something that has been a red rock in this country. it is something my parents and grandparents relied on. it is something we are all paying into. so far, i have seen a lot of support, actually, and a lot of opposition to attempts to roll that back. when we have talked to young people about social security -- you definitely hear this skepticism about whether it wi
a double-digit deficit or a nine-point deficit to a three-point deficit during the span of a week. why? no question about it, it's obamacare. and fact that his opponent backs it. so this has real electoral consequences, and democrats who weren't behind the law to begin with, when they see poll numbers like that and results like this in virginia and these things happening, they're going to tell mr. president that they would rather not grind it out. martha: yeah. looked like terry mcauliffe was going to clobber cucinelli in virginia. if that race is even very tight in the end, it's going to send a signal that, no doubt, a lot of democrats are going to be watching closely across the country. chris, thank you so much. have a great day, have a great weekend. and sign up for chris' daily political newsletter, fox news first. go to and just put your e-mail address in there, and you will et request it -- get it. so what do you think about all of this at home, folks? what do you think about the six people? send me a tweet @marthamaccallum and chime in, let us know what
deficit remains and that deficit is likely to have consequences, including on a major trade agreement the two sides are discussing right now. kate and chris, you have a german delegation visiting the white house. the issue that seems to spark the most anger for the european side is not just that spying take place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real one is brewing and could cause problems across the midwest and impact your halloween. let's bring in indra petersons who's tracking the storm for us. what do we know? have you stopped the storm. >> it almost looks like a big bullseye on the weather map. it tracks its way across. it's going to impact a huge chunk of t
of the tapering, $85 billion a month was one thing when the federal budget deficit was a lot bigger than it is. it shrunk a bunch. continues to shrink. is there a limit to that in your view? is that one of the reasons they may begin sooner rather than later? >> it's an interesting point. obviously there's a limit of 100%. but i don't think that will push them to taper sooner than the economic conditions warrant. even if they're taking a bigger and bigger share of the total. i think the deficit came down quite dramatically. but now we're getting essentially to the spot where the conditions are approaching something more normal. so it's not going to -- the deficit's not going to keep shrinking at that kind of rates it did over the last year. so i don't think that's going to be playing as much in their mind. but i do think it's an important point. >> so we've got to go, austin, but since you left, we've had the shutdown, benghazi, the irs scandal, the obama care rollout. does this -- am i making clear -- >> two hours after i left, they downgraded the u.s. government. you're on to something. >> ca
ask him how many times he think he's cheated death. we talked about the deficit, his daughter's senate campaign in wyoming, and much, much more. >> he's pretty blunt. still very blunt nowadays. he hasn't changed on that front as well. >> no, and buried in his refusal to talk about the nsa spying program, he was very clear that he's not going to acknowledge anyone, but buried in the answer, you heard him say you never know what you're going to need when you need it and it's enormously important to the u.s. to conduct foreign policy matters. that's your answer. >> that heart transplant really seems to have worked. he looks pretty good. >> and his doctor told me that he was hours away from death. hours, literally hours away. >> when he had the transplant? >> now, in 2010 when he had this major procedure. and he had this very odd moment where he woke up after being sedated and his family had been terrified. he had been dreaming he was in northern italy. he goes into detail on that in the book and in the interview. >> amazing medical story in it book. we'll be watching. >> well written, als
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